Viljandi - Mõisaküla 45 km
Viljandi - Mõisaküla kitsarööpmeline raudtee The narrow-gauge railway was opened in 1897 and the last train rode here in June 1973
Today most of the old railway that passes picturesque landscapes and small towns of southern Estonia is turned into a trail for walking and cycling.
The trail runs mostly on gravel and surface roads, but between Õisu and Abja-Paluoja for a few kilometres on bigger roads. Unfortunately, the old railway has become mostly impassable in that section.
The trail is signposted and there are a lot of historic photos by the trail.
NB! The trail between Loodi and Mõisaküla is not signed yet! The trail between Loodi and Õisu is partly in poor condition. The trail improvement works and signing will be completed in May 2019.
Some recommended sites on Viljandi - Mõisaküla route​​​​​​​

More details and contacts on the Google and pdf map of Viljandi – Mõisaküla route.
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