Information about accommodation and eating places:

Viljandi – Õisu - Viljandi (40+ km)
You can ride nearly all the way from Viljandi till
Õisu on the old railway route. 
In Õisu you can visit a magnificent manor complex and park.
There is a resting place and small beach by Lake Sinialliku 
on the 5th km of the Viljandi - Mõisaküla trail and
near Õisu you can hike on a nice 2.5 km hiking trail in nature.

Abja-Paluoja - Mõisaküla - Abja-Paluoja (ca 25 km)
You can ride from Abja-Paluoja to Mõisaküla on the old railway route, 
enjoy the draisine ride in Mõisaküla, 
and afterwards swim and go to saunas in Abja Sports and Health Centre.  
More information about draisine rides: +372 4355601 or +372 58 500 561.
Bike rental is open at Abja Sports and Health Centre.

Viljandi - Mõisaküla (45+ km)
Most of the trail is on quiet gravel and forest roads, only between Õisu and Halliste the trail is on bigger road, as the old railway route is not passable there.
You can stay overnight, enjoy the pool and saunas in Abja-Paluoja and take a draisine ride in Mõisaküla.
More information about draisine rides: +372 4355601 or +372 58 500 561.
We definitely recommend to have a lunch at authentic Halliste diner.
NB! Open only from 12:00 – 14:00 on work days.

From Viljandi to the sea (110+ km)
You can use Green Railways for cycling from Viljandi to the sea (Gulf of Riga).
Firstly, take a trip from Viljandi to Mõisaküla and then from Mõisaküla to Kilingi-Nõmme
The former railway route from Mõisaküla to Kilingi-Nõmme is rideable, but at some places the gravel includes uncomfortably big stones on the trail.​​​​​​​
From Kilingi-Nõmme to the sea leads a hiking and cycling trail managed by the State Forest Management Centre of Estonia.
If you continue further south, the Ainaži – Valmiera Green Railways trail on the former narrow-gauge railway route starts near Estonian – Latvian border.

Viljandi – Mõisaküla – Limbaži - Riga (175+ km by bike, last stretch by train)
27 km south of Mõisaküla the Green Railways trail continues near Rujiena.
The cyclers are directed to use the bypass along the local road - nr 55 in Estonia/nr V173 in Latvia till Rujiena.
The trail on former Tallinn – Riga railway leads from Rujiena through Mazsalaca and Limbaži till Lade. From Skulte train station near Lade you can hop on a train to Riga.
P.S. Hopefully the old railway dam between Mõisaküla and Rujiena will be cleaned, repaired and signed as Green Railways cycling and walking trail already in 2020.  
Viljandi – Mõisaküla – Puikule – Valmiera – Valga 
(165+ km by bike, last stretch by train)
The beginning of the route overlaps with the previous route. 
At Puikule near Limbaži you will get to the cross-roads of Rujiena - Lade and Ainaži – Valmiera  Green Railways trails. 
Once you get to Valmiera, you can take a train to Valga or Riga

For shorter hikes and walks the most suitable stretches of the trail are: 
Near Viljandi, Sinialliku ja Kivi tourism farm (0. - 5. km of the trail),
Near Mõisaküla, Laatre and Abja stations (34. - 45. km of the trail).

In Mõisaküla you can try draisine rides on the 
last rails left in Mõisaküla.
More information: +372 4355601 or +372 58 500 561.