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Valga - Kaagjärve - Lepa - Valka round tour (35+ km)
Near Valga and Valka there is a unique opportunity to make a round tour along old railway routes. It’s possible, as there are 2 old railway routes exiting Valga/Valka towards Ape. The original railway towards Hargla, Mõniste and Ape was completed in 1900. After the birth of Republic of Estonia and Republic of Latvia in 1918, most of the railway was on the territory of Estonia, but the beginning of the track in Latvia.
The young Republic of Estonia was not interested in paying to Latvians for the use of the railway and built its own stretch by 1923 that meets the original railway ca 13 km from the border of Valga. Then it wasn’t necessary to travel through Latvia any more for going to Taheva, Mõniste and other Estonian settlements by the railway.
The trail runs mostly on the original railway routes that have become quiet gravel and surface roads. Between Valka and Žuldini  the trail is on bigger road, as the original trail is not fully passable in that section.

Valga/Valka - Ape (55+ km)
When cycling from Valga or Valka to Ape, we recommend to make stops by the Mustjõgi or Gauja River, for example Kõrgeperve camping site or Tellingumägi.
When getting closer to Ape there are Mõniste Museum ja Metsavenna farm nearby. 

Valga/Valka - Ape - Aluksne - Gulbene - Melturi - Valga (200+ km by bike, 
in addition a ride by real narrow-gauge railway and Latvian train)
From Valga and Valka to Ape follow the Green Railways.
The former railway route from Ape to Aluksne is not fully passable at the moment. For cycling from Ape to Aluksne we recommend Tour de LatEst cycling route. 
In autumn 2018 a multimedia exhibition about local narrow-gauge railway was opened in Aluksne railway station's former storage house.
There are also other sites in Aluksne.
Aluksne and Gulbene are connected by the narrow-gauge train Banitis, that rides daily and it takes 1.5 hours to ride 33 km. Your bikes also fit on Banitis. 
NB! On certain days the train is operated by a steam locomotive.
From Gulbene Green Railways trail leads along old railway route towards Riga till Melturi station. From Melturi you can take a train towards Valga or Riga

For shorter walks the most suitable sections are: 
beautiful forests near Žuldini and Lepa  (13. - 16. km of the trail),
from Hargla to Saru factory of wooden boards (34. - 38.  km of the trail),
between Ape and Estonian - Latvian border (51. - 55. km of the trail).

Two rail-bikes are waiting by former Valka railway station.
8 persons fit on one rail-bike and two of them can pedal. 
For more information call + 371 6472 5522.