ALūksne - APE 28 km
Aluksne – Ape narrow-gauge railway used to be part of the Valga/Valka - Gulbene narrow-gauge railway that was opened for traffic in 1903.
The causeway of former Aluksne - Ape narrow-gauge railway is fully passable on foot. It is great for hiking, as the trail is curvy for a railway and not boring, and the landscapes the trail passes are diverse
and beautiful. One should be prepared for a few rough places, but it is totally worth it. 
There is a nice balance of wilder (ca ¼) and more comfortable (ca ¾) sections of the trail that make your hike both adventurous and enjoyable.

As the section is not an official Green Railways hiking trail, there are no regular maintenance works carried out on the trail. The trail does not have signs or km posts, except in Ape and Alūksne.